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Medallions are a proven way to promote your brand and message. The Master Creations design team has provided quality medallions for Governor Generals, the Chiefs of our military and the Australian Parliament, as well as thousands of military establishments, sporting clubs andgovernment and law enforcement agencies. Whether it’s for gifting; for an event; or part of a commemoration, we can create a medallion unique to you.

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Translating Your Design

All medallions we create are to an exacting standard. You can use either die-cast zinc alloyor die-struck brass. Each has advantages depending on the medallion design.
Die-cast can produce amazing ‘3D depth’ and a crisp finish, while die-struck is much the same process used to mint money and is the process used to create weightier ‘Proof’ medallions.

Both processes deliver a quality look, feel and durability. The raw base-medallionsare plated, polished and treated with your choice of a range of finishes.Our design studio is able to work with you to select the appropriate method sothat you achieve the best medallion within your budget.

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